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Reditus is an affiliate management software focused on SaaS businesses. Discover how to grow your MRR without upfront costs.

Affiliate Marketing Software that grows your MRR

As a B2B SaaS professional looking to maximize my affiliate programs, I recently discovered Reditus, the affiliate marketing software that is revolutionizing the industry. Reditus offers a comprehensive platform designed specifically for B2B SaaS businesses like mine, promising to elevate our affiliate programs to new heights.

  • Platform for B2B SaaS to elevate affiliate programs: With Reditus, I can consolidate all my affiliate program data into a streamlined and user-friendly dashboard. This feature allows me to effortlessly monitor and optimize the performance of my affiliates, ensuring maximum results and efficiency.
  • Start for free and increase user signups: One of the most attractive aspects of Reditus is the option to start for free. In a competitive SaaS market where acquiring new signups can be challenging and expensive, the ability to kickstart my affiliate program without any upfront costs is a game-changer. The seamless process of setting up and listing my affiliate program in under 30 minutes, coupled with the assistance of an in-app live chat feature, makes the onboarding experience incredibly smooth and efficient.

Moreover, Reditus offers advanced features to acquire and manage affiliates effectively. The platform provides easy ways to invite affiliates and track their performance, simplifying the entire affiliate management process. By optimizing and growing my affiliate program through the Reditus Marketplace, I gain access to a vast network of over 6,000 SaaS affiliates, opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Reditus’s commitment to simplifying affiliate commissions by accumulating them into a single payout when they meet the threshold adds a layer of convenience and control to the process, ensuring that I can focus on maximizing my revenue without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

“Reditus has been a game-changer for managing my affiliate programs. The streamlined dashboard, coupled with the vast network of affiliates in the marketplace, has significantly boosted my MRR within a short period. I highly recommend Reditus to any B2B SaaS business looking to enhance their affiliate marketing initiatives.”

Trusted by leading B2B SaaS brands and endorsed by industry experts, Reditus is the go-to platform for businesses seeking to optimize their affiliate programs and drive sustainable revenue growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage Reditus and take your affiliate marketing strategy to the next level.

Meet The Reditus Platform

As a user of Reditus, I am excited to share my experience with the platform’s capabilities. Let’s dive into the key features that make Reditus stand out:

Dashboard for Monitoring and Optimization

One of the standout features of Reditus is its intuitive dashboard that consolidates all affiliate program data into one centralized hub. This user-friendly interface allows me to effortlessly monitor and optimize affiliate performance in real-time. From tracking conversions to analyzing campaign metrics, the dashboard provides valuable insights to enhance my affiliate program’s efficiency.

Dashboard Screenshot

Marketplace to Showcase to 6,000+ SaaS Affiliates

The Reditus Marketplace has been a game-changer for me. It serves as a dedicated platform where B2B SaaS companies can showcase their affiliate programs to a vast network of over 6,000 SaaS affiliates. By leveraging the marketplace, I have been able to amplify my program’s reach, attract new affiliates, and receive relevant requests from potential partners. It’s truly a hub for accelerating growth and expanding my affiliate network.

Marketplace Image

With Reditus, monitoring and growing my affiliate program has never been easier. The combination of a sophisticated dashboard and a thriving marketplace has elevated my affiliate marketing strategy to new heights. I highly recommend Reditus to any B2B SaaS business looking to optimize their affiliate performance and tap into a vast network of potential affiliates.

Trusted by leading B2B SaaS brands

When it comes to choosing an affiliate management software for my SaaS business, trust and reliability are key factors. Reditus has truly stood out among the competition, not only for its powerful features but also for its track record of success with leading B2B SaaS brands.

    • Proven success with testimonials from Expandi:

One of the key indicators of Reditus’ effectiveness is the glowing testimonial from Expandi. Stefan Smulders, CEO at Expandi, shared his positive experience with Reditus, highlighting how the platform helped them generate over $25,000, gain 70+ affiliates, and drive their marketplace solely through Reditus.

    • Positive feedback on simplicity and effectiveness:

Another impactful testimonial comes from Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder at Prospectss.com. Within just six months, they were able to grow their affiliate program to over 300 affiliates and generate 600+ sign-ups. Junaid expressed his love for the simplicity and straightforwardness of Reditus, emphasizing how it fulfills all the essential requirements for an affiliate program.

Furthermore, Reditus has been endorsed by a myriad of leading B2B SaaS brands, as depicted by the array of social proof logos displayed on the website. These brands have entrusted Reditus for their affiliate marketing needs, showcasing the platform’s credibility and industry recognition.

Increase user signups with Reditus

As a business owner navigating the fast-paced world of SaaS, attracting new signups can be a challenging feat, often requiring substantial investments. However, my encounter with Reditus, an innovative affiliate management software, has revolutionized the way I approach user acquisition. Here are the three simple steps that have proven instrumental in enhancing my affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. arrow bottom left Step 1: Setup & list affiliate program

You won’t believe how easy it was to get started with Reditus! In under 30 minutes, I had my affiliate program up and running. From technical installation to legal arrangements, the platform guided me seamlessly through the process. And if I needed assistance, their convenient in-app live chat was a lifesaver.

  1. arrow bottom right Step 2: Acquire & Manage affiliates

Inviting affiliates to join my program was made effortless by Reditus. Once onboard, I could easily track their performance and efficiently manage them through integration with my CRM system. This streamlined approach saved me valuable time and resources.

  1. arrow bottom right Step 3: Optimize and grow

With my affiliate program up and running, the next phase was optimization. By listing my program in the Reditus marketplace, I gained access to a diverse network of affiliates, fueling my program’s growth to new heights. The exponential results were truly remarkable.

My journey with Reditus has been nothing short of transformational. Through their platform, I could test the waters of affiliate marketing seamlessly alongside our existing program, a risk-free endeavor that yielded extraordinary results. Seeing our program flourish and witnessing substantial growth has solidified my trust in Reditus as an indispensable tool for any business venturing into the realm of affiliate marketing.

FAQs about Reditus

Reditus is a top-notch affiliate management software that caters especially to B2B SaaS companies, offering a range of valuable services to streamline affiliate programs and boost revenue. Here are some of the key points to know about Reditus:

  • Focus on B2B SaaS Companies: Reditus is designed to meet the specific needs of B2B SaaS companies, ensuring that the services provided align perfectly with the requirements of this niche.
  • Free Plan Available: Reditus believes in offering value first, hence they provide a free plan to set up an affiliate program. This allows users to experience the platform without upfront costs.
  • Assistance in Migration: If you are looking to switch from another affiliate management tool, Reditus offers migration assistance to ensure a smooth transition without any loss of data or control.
  • Finding New Affiliates: Reditus goes the extra mile in helping users find new affiliates. They actively reach out to potential top affiliates in the B2B SaaS industry to aid in expanding your affiliate network.
  • Technical Setup Support: For Reditus to function seamlessly, three key technical aspects need to be in place: installing a tracking script, a conversion snippet, and linking your payment platform. The team is also available to assist in setting up these technical requirements.

These features make Reditus a fantastic platform for B2B SaaS companies looking to enhance their affiliate programs and drive growth effectively.

Book your demo of Reditus

After exploring the numerous features and benefits of Reditus, including managing affiliate programs and optimizing affiliate performance, I was eager to dive deeper into the platform’s capabilities.

Booking a demo with Reditus allowed me to gain valuable insights on how to grow my affiliate program efficiently. Not only did I learn about setting up programs in under 30 minutes, but also about the seamless process of recruiting and managing affiliates.

The demo shed light on the user-friendly dashboard that consolidates all affiliate program data, making it effortless to monitor and enhance performance. Additionally, I got to explore the Reditus Marketplace, a strategic hub for B2B SaaS companies to showcase their programs to a vast network of affiliates.

One standout feature that caught my attention was how Reditus streamlines the payout process by accumulating affiliate commissions into a single payout once they reach a specific threshold.


Booking a demo with Reditus gave me a comprehensive understanding of its features, from setting up programs to optimizing affiliate performance, and highlighted the benefits of the user-friendly dashboard and the Reditus Marketplace.